Natural Cure For Hypertension

Natural Cure For Hypertension

Silent disease is a silent killer as it gives no alarm and attacks suddenly. According to AHA, nearly 33% of adults in America have high blood pressure, which is one of the most dangerous silent diseases. Changing modern day lifestyle has become the necessity today as it is leading to a significant increase in the number of patients diagnosed with the problem of hypertension. Though medical treatment is readily available and one does control his increased blood pressure but it is always advisable to follow the natural cure for hypertension.

The two most followed natural cures are exercise and diet control. In fact it has been said and repeated so many times that people now feel that everyone around who control their diet and exercise regularly are also falling a prey to this deadly disease, then what else should be done to maintain the blood pressure. Time management, stress management and maintaining a proper emotional quotient are the three most important natural cures for a working professional to maintain his blood pressure. Hypertension is directly related with the mental and psychological stress one faces during working hours. Though we tend to balance our work and personal life yet unsolicited commitments or peer pressure surmounts anxiety and results in hypertension. As a natural cure to hypertension one can surely follow these basic thumb rules.

Avoiding beverages and consumption of alcohol and tobacco can further reduce hypertension. Thus even if one’s intake is low on calories and fat yet smoking or consuming lots of beverages will surely increase the blood pressure. As a natural cure to hypertension one should surely neglect the excessive use of tea or coffee or rather any beverage.…

Stress 101 – Everything You Need to Know in a Nutshell

Stress 101 – Everything You Need to Know in a Nutshell

Most of us know that stress is inevitable and unavoidable: a natural by-product of our everyday lives. How we choose to see it and deal with it is another matter entirely. Is stress always a bad thing, something we must seek to avoid? Or could it actually be beneficial in some way? When we understand what this little word really represents, we can learn how to minimize its negative effects and use the positive aspects of it to our advantage.

Stress can be defined as a condition or circumstance which can disturb the normal functioning of an individual both physically and psychologically. Stress is not always harmful and can at times be very useful to us. While stress can seem overwhelming in some circumstances, our reaction to it is something we can control and change, relieving us of its negative effects. It is a fact that putting stress on our bodies during exercise causes our muscles and bones to become stronger and healthier. Perhaps stressful situations that we triumph over can help to strengthen our inner-resolve and allow us grow into more capable, empowered beings.

The 3 different types of stress:

Short Term Stress: Projects, deadlines, tasks, exercise or anything else that motivates us to an end product. We experience short bursts of physical chemical reactions as we move through our day, motivating us to take action and giving us the energy to get things done. Our bodies rebound quickly from this “flight or fight” response because the stress is immediate, identifiable and resolvable.

Long Term/Chronic Stress: Any real or perceived threat to which there is no immediate resolution, looming large over us, keeping the body on a high level of alert; therefore, the chronic nature of this stress cannot be sustained without consequences to our health. Any situation in our life that appears to have no solution, continuing on for long periods of time, giving us the feeling that we are stuck. As the body stays on this high level of alert it may begin to break down because of the accumulative effects that stress can cause.

Toxic Stress: Chronic, long term stress that causes feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. The Cortisol (stress hormone) level in our bloodstream remains high thereby increasing our risk of gaining weight (especially belly fat) and developing diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Stress that continues on for long periods of time can cause numerous adverse emotional and physical symptoms. Once recognized, however, we have the opportunity to relieve ourselves of the negative effects that we are experiencing and allow our body, mind and spirit to come back into balance. Much of our stress is self-induced and perpetuated by our thoughts and beliefs: therefore, we won’t be able to see any way to change what we are living until we change what we are thinking. Our choice of action may seem limited in any given moment, but our choice of thought never …

Hypertension: Using a Home Blood Pressure Monitor

Hypertension: Using a Home Blood Pressure Monitor

Having our blood pressure measured by a doctor in a hospital or clinic can stimulate nervousness which causes our blood pressure to rise making the readings unreliable as the basis on which to make a clinical judgment. That is why taking our own readings at home can provide the doctor with useful data on our condition. This article explains how to use a home blood pressure monitor correctly so that the readings are accurate.

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) blood pressure classifications

W.H.O. has established standards for assessing hypertension without regard to age. By their scale:

130/80 to 85mmHg is considered normal (many doctors consider 120/80mmHg as normal).

The range of 130 to 139/85 to 89mmHg is considered high normal.

Hypertension is defined by this scale as greater than 139/89mmHg.

When age is taken into account, many doctors consider 140/90mmHg as being normal.

Variations in blood pressure

Our BP varies greatly on a daily as seasonal basis. These variations can be even more pronounced if we have hypertension. Normally, our BP readings rise while we are at work and are lowest during sleep.

When to take readings

The important thing is to take your readings at the same time each day and under the same conditions. This ensures that the data is consistent.

Blood pressure measured first thing in the morning after getting up and before taking any food is known as the “fundamental blood pressure”. These are the best readings to take.

How to use your home blood pressure monitor

There are two types of monitor commercially available:

Upper arm monitors: The upper arm monitor is similar to the sphygmomanometer used by your doctor, save that the machine inflates the cuff automatically and measures the diastolic and systolic pressures. It also measures your pulse and the time the reading was taken. Upper arm monitors can be used by people of all ages. but are particularly recommended for older men.

Wrist monitors: These are worn on the wrist in a similar way to a wrist watch, and take the same readings as the upper arm monitor. Wrist monitors are not recommended for older men.

Both types are accurate and easy and convenient to use. Keep these points in mind to ensure accurate and reliable results:

Use a monitor that is suitable for you.

Read the instructions that came with your monitor and make sure you follow them exactly as instructed.

Relax for at least 5 minutes before taking the measurements

Measure your BP at the same time of the day. Taking your “fundamental blood pressure” is recommended. Monitoring after meals or after doing a physical task or exercise will affect your readings

Keep a diary note of your systolic and diastolic values, your pulse with date and time of the measurements. The monitor will save several sets of readings to its memory, but is wise to keep your own record.

If you are not sure that you operated the device correctly, take a …

The best IVF centre in Delhi can be relied on

A very clear and good sign of an IVF Clinic in Delhi that is the best is its reputation of being good and trustworthy. Several people today choose to tell lies since the world is moving at such a fast speed. How? They prefer to please others by talking lies and listening to what they want to hear rather than the truth. If you locate an IVF facility that does the same thing to and for you, you’re in trouble. When IVF operations are performed on you, even if you are not a good candidate, it can cause health complications. As a result, keep an eye on that IVF facility. They will usually refer to a spade as a spade rather than a knife.

More credible IVF centres in Delhi

The number of IVF clinics in Delhi, India, will astound you. This is due to the fact that it is a city that attracts visitors from all over the world. The majority of visitors come to learn about the culture and to view the sights. Others come since they’ve heard from credible sources that going to the best IVF clinic in Delhi is preferable to going to the United States or the United Kingdom for IVF treatments. This is correct. The best IVF clinics in Delhi will always provide major benefits such as affordable treatments, better service from the clinic’s doctor and staff, more thorough tests to ensure you don’t have to try so many times before it works, true conclusions to help you save money, other recommendations if possible, and so on.

Ways to decide finally

  • Checking search engines is usually a good idea, and online reviews can assist you make a decision.
  • Consult your OB/GYN to see if they have any suggestions.
  • Examine the many websites of these IVF clinics to compare packages.
  • Communicate with family and friends.

You can search in a variety of methods that are both simple and effective. The five methods listed above, however, have proven to be the most reliable and popular. So, to start your successful quest for the finest IVF centre in Delhi, try these five. Also, make certain that you do not rush the search process. If you take your time, you will be able to obtain the desired results.

Try to stay on the calm side

The finest IVF centre in Delhi would do all possible to make sure no pressure is felt. Being able to feel at ease is a sensation that should never be underestimated. This is because it assists you in accepting any situation and knowing that you made the best decision possible. There is a problem if you attend any IVF centre in Delhi and feel concerned despite speaking with the doctor and being promised. True, you may have your own reservations and anxieties. However, following your appointment with the clinic’s specialists, you should be able to feel a sense of serenity and tranquility. This is how you’ll know whether it’s the perfect spot …

Remedies For Hypertension

Remedies For Hypertension

High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the known silent killers of all time. In today’s lifestyle, this disease can be easily acquired by anyone. Having high blood pressure is actually directly linked to unhealthy lifestyle that includes fatty foods, too much alcohol and sedentary lifestyle. The best remedies for hypertension are healthy food and proper exercise. Nothing beats these practical, safe and effective preventive measures.

Hypertension attacks individuals who are living inactive lifestyle. These are those who are not moving around much and just eating or spend the day lying down on the couch eating potato chips. You are prone to this disease if you have this kind of life since you are likely to become overweight. Yes, your weight has something to do with hypertension. So the best line of remedies for hypertension or high blood pressure is to maintain a fit body.

How much should you weigh to avoid developing hypertension? Well, the answer is that it depends on the person. You must compute for your BMI (Body Mass Index) and make sure that it is within the normal range.Oftentimes, people are just too lazy to do work and put out some sweat. It pays when you workout. Exercise or physical activities help eliminate body fats and bad cholesterol causing high blood pressure. If you are diagnosed with this disease, you need to find remedies to control it. One of the safest and effective remedies for hypertension is garlic and lemon juice

Drinking lemon juice is considered as one of the healthy and nutritious natural remedies to control high blood pressure. It can also be noted that this is a rich source of vitamin P which can be found both in the juice and skin of the fruit. Grapefruit is also one of the best remedies for hypertension. This fruit is really sour but a grapefruit a day keeps the bad blood away.

If you look around, I’m sure that you can find a lot of remedies just lying around the backyard or inside your fridge. It is difficult once you have developed this disease so take care of your body. You can avoid and even beat hypertension with the right attitude, healthy eating and active lifestyle.…

Best Natural Hypertension Remedies For You

Best Natural Hypertension Remedies For You

Nowadays, many people all over the world have been suffered hypertension or also known as high blood pressure. Through years of research, there are many kinds of medicine and drugs are invented in order to solve this problem. But, despite that, does all the so-called medicine and drugs work effectively to cure hypertension? Are all these medicine and drugs your only last hope? Well, what you think if there is way to cure hypertension using just only the natural remedies. So, in this article, I will tell you what are the best natural remedies to fight against hypertension.

1. Co-enzyme Q10!

For those of you who have never heard about the co-enzyme Q10, it is actually a type of enzyme which is extremely important especially for the transportation of oxygen to the blood in our body. Lack of this enzyme would result in high blood pressure. So, it is important to take his supplement at proper quantity to control the blood pressure. A example of food that are rich with this enzyme is bean, nuts, rice and wheat germ. Be sure to take these foods at daily basis.

2. Honey

As you all know, honey has strong healing properties such that it is known as the cure for any disease. Due to this fact, honey can be very effective in order to counteract not just only hypertension but any other disease known to mankind. This is because, according to the research, drinking honey bee can help to lower the cholesterol and maintain blood pressure. It is best to take about 2 to 3 teaspoon of honey bee early in the morning before start you daily routine.

3. Fish oil

Based from the review conducted by the American Heart Association, the intake of fish oil which is usually found in fish could help to minimize or even reduce the cardiovascular disease which is closely related to heart such strokes and coronary artery disease. This is because fish oil is rich with Omega-3. So, next time include this in your daily diet.…

What Is Depression?

What Is Depression?

Depression is the most common form of psychological disorder that may affect not just the person’s emotional and mental well-being, but his whole-being in totality.

A depressed person will feel deep sadness and grief, he will feel hopeless and helpless, will lose interest in the things around him and with his life, turns away from people and the world he lives and locks himself in a place where nothing matters.

Although depression is a psychological illness, it is not just in the head and something you can will your mind to go away. It is not just as simple as being sad, it is so deep that once you have fallen into it, would be hard to pick your self up. It could last for months or years and worse is forever.

Depression varies from person to person, depending upon which form of depression he has and the situation he is in. Forms of depression are as follows;

Clinical Depression which the most form of all where one feels as though everything in his life is hopeless and he is convinced that he will be in this state forever.

Other forms of depression are the Atypical Depression and Dysthymic Depression which are quite interrelated, where one feels on and off sadness or much better known as ‘living a lie.’ A person having this form of depression hides himself in a smile, pretends to be all right and may feel split joy and happiness that is totally dependent on the events in his outside world. This is the type of sadness that may last forever.

Another form is the Psychotic Depression where the sufferer will have hallucinations. He will be seeing, hearing and feeling things that are not existing in reality. Most people suffering from this form of depression may become worse as it has the possibility of turning into insanity.

Last is the Manic Depression which is the most crucial form of depression when not given attention. It is a combination of all the forms and the sufferer may be suicidal. He will believe that there is no point to life and his only freedom is taking his own life and so they usually end up with self mutilation.

Fortunately though, depression is treatable and the treatment given the chance is quite simple and easy. It can be treated through medications and counseling. But, anyone with depression can heal himself. It takes but determination and will and ‘LOVE’ for yourself to surpass and overcome it.…

Natural Blood Pressure Cures – Fact or Fiction?

Natural Blood Pressure Cures – Fact or Fiction?

High blood pressure can be an extremely dangerous condition is left unchecked and uncontrolled. Not only does it increase the risk of having a stroke or a heart attack, but it can also cause significant damage to other vital organs such as the kidneys is for example. While there is still a lot of debate as to what actually causes hypertension, health professionals all tend to agree that the condition can be made worse by things such as stress and an unhealthy diet.

In the vast majority of cases, people with high blood pressure rely on incredibly powerful prescription drugs in order to keep their hypertension under control. Unfortunately however, most of these drugs are known to cause side effects.

People suffering from this condition need to be to be made aware of the fact that there are other blood pressure cures available to them which are 100% safe and natural.

Hawthorn for example, is a herb that has been used for generations to treat high blood pressure, based on the fact that it helps to relax the blood vessels within the body.

Calcium and Magnesium have long since been known to promote healthy bones. Both of these minerals do however also play a role in muscle contractions, and because of this quality, they can help to bring a person’s blood pressure under control.

Numerous studies have shown that potassium can be very effective at decreasing hypertension, but in order for it to work effectively, one would require approximately 2,000 mg per day. Because this is considered to be a very high dosage, it’s advisable to discuss this with a qualified health professional.

Fish oil also ranks high on the list of natural blood pressure cures. Being high in omega-3 fatty oils, fish oil should be a part any healthy diet, and particularly between those who suffer from any type of cardiovascular condition. Many people suffering from hypertension swear by fish oil, and it’s one of the few natural treatments all doctors agree people should use.

The last natural cure we’ll look at in this article is coenzyme Q10. This vitamin-like substance has proven itself time and time again when it comes to lowering blood pressure and helping to control hypertension. In fact, there are now several doctors and hospitals giving coenzyme Q10 to their patients that have high blood pressure, but of course doctors give this alongside the standard prescription drugs.…

Keeping Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) In Check

Keeping Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) In Check

It’s a common condition but if left untreated, hypertension or high blood pressure (BP) can lead to serious complications.

Hypertension is a ‘deceptive disease’. It does not mean that the higher your blood pressure, the more discomfort or obvious symptoms you will experience. You can have a high BP but still feel perfectly all right. But it does not take away the injury to your vital organs or the adverse impact that hypertension is causing your body in the long term.

The point is: Do not rely on symptoms because hypertension is one of the classic a-symptomatic conditions that can hit you with no obvious signs. Though dizziness and aches are some common symptoms of a hypertension condition, these are not specific and can be indicative of other medical conditions.

The normal range of human blood pressure is 140 (systolic)/90 (diastolic) so anything above this reading is considered hypertension. Stress and tension can cause temporary increase in blood pressure, but for the most part, hypertension tends to be a medical condition that afflicts people above the age of 40.

Even for people whose BP readings are within the ‘acceptable’ range, there is a subgroup of patients

– people with diabetes, protein in their urine, patients with chronic kidney dysfunction or those with existing cardiac conditions – where a BP reading of 130/80 is considered high because their threshold to internal injury is much lower.


Though hypertension is not a reversible condition, it can be controlled and maintained with medication and appropriate lifestyle intervention. The doctor’s advice: even if you have no obvious symptoms or discomfort, develop a habit of doing regular self-monitoring of your BP at home once a week instead of waiting till the next clinic visit or medical appointment.

Regular measurement of your blood pressure at home using a portable blood pressure monitor is better and more effective at managing hypertension than one taken during a single clinic visit. Such vigilance may be well worth the while. Although hypertension is not immediately life-threatening, it is a high risk factor that can lead to serious illnesses like renal failure and cardiac diseases, if left untreated.

Sometimes, blood pressure can rise to a very high level before it is detected because the patient experiences no symptoms. When that happens, medications have to be given to keep the condition under control and prevent further injury to the organs.


Since hypertension is often associated with a cluster of co-existing problems, the treatment of hypertension does not only involve lowering the blood pressure it is also important to reduce other risk factors that jointly contribute to the consequences like cardiac diseases and renal failure, or those that add up to cause injury to the body. These include controlling the blood sugar level, cholesterol and uric acid.

And what can you do to reduce the risk? Plenty – watch your diet, reduce obesity, exercise and adopt a healthy, smoke-free lifestyle. It also helps to be …

Top Stupid Things To Do To Create High Blood Pressure

Top Stupid Things To Do To Create High Blood Pressure

Have you ever thought about what would happen if your heart stopped beating? Many people including myself take this muscle for granted. Here it is working every single day since we were born and it never calls in sick or even takes a break. Yet we rarely even think about it let alone show it any appreciation. One of the main reasons someone’s heart may stop beating prematurely has to do with blood pressure.

Blood pressure has to do with how much force your arteries are taking from blood. Over time if there is a lot of force your arteries can become hard and weak. If arteries become less flexible because of this force it can lead to them becoming thinning and even clogged. If an artery becomes clogged it can very dangerous. For example if the clogged artery prevents blood from reaching the brain that can lead to a stroke. If it has to do with the heart it can lead to someone’s heart to stop working or a heart attack. The technical term for high blood pressure is hyper tension and the reading is somewhere above 120/80. Of course there are a lot of factors involved as well so it’s an estimate. The top number represents the physical force of the blood being pushed into the arteries. The bottom number represents the physical force of the blood as the heart relaxes and blood is not being forced up against the arteries.

The technical term for low blood pressure is hypo tension and it really has to do with symptoms rather than readings. When someone has low blood pressure blood does not brings nutrients to organs and eliminate waste therefore important organs start to fail. Depending on the person the reading will be below 120/80.

One of the main causes of abnormal blood pressure has to do with dehydration in fact I would predict than many people right now probably you as your reading this don’t drink enough water. Other common causes would be loss of blood because of a wound, inflammation of organs, a weakened heart, drugs, virus and lack of nutrients.

How to cure abnormal blood pressure has mostly to do with finding out what is wrong with your health and correcting it. A great place to start would be to add things such as water, nutrients and healthy food to your diet that improve circulation. Then eliminate stuff that slows circulation such as processed meats, a lethargic lifestyle, drugs, deep fried foods. Other things to be aware of is to consume potassium because it’s a big factor with blood flow as well as garlic. Drink green tea because it helps with circulation and dang it get up off that chair and move around. In fact you should do it right now as you’re reading this, stretch your muscles and walk around. As you’re walking around get a huge glass of water and drink that too.…