Natural Hypertension Remedies Thanks to Lifestyle Alterations

Natural Hypertension Remedies Thanks to Lifestyle Alterations

The realization that you are a hypertension sufferer means taking a good look at your diet and lifestyle and then making positive changes to both. This is an all-encompassing alteration that will have far reaching effects on your quality of life. Often we are guided to take expensive medications, but there are natural hypertension remedies abound.

It has been scientifically proven by researchers at the Harvard Medical School that a low fat diet can have dramatically positive effects in lowering high blood pressure. Keep in mind that the word diet refers to a life-long sustainable eating regime and not a fad diet that lasts a few weeks and is designed to help you to lose a few extra pounds before an important event.

The old adage, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, is most apt in this case. Stock up on plenty of healthy fruits and fresh vegetables while you cut out high fat content processed meats and other foods. Along with improving your diet you should consider taking up daily meditation. A study at the West Oakland Health Centre proved the beneficial effects of twenty minutes of meditation in significantly lowering high blood pressure.

It has shown to also relieve stress, slow the heart rate significantly, reduce tension and anxiety and to engender a feeling of tranquillity. There are many benefits to be gained from a daily meditative course and there are many wonderful types of meditation to explore. Consider cutting sodium chloride from your diet to improve elevated blood pressure.

Sodium chloride is found in salty snacks, processed canned meats and is added in copious amounts during food preparation. You will eventually adjust to enjoying less salty foods and should refrain from adding extra salt while you are having your meal.

Also cut out foods that are pickled in brine, like olives and pickles and steer clear of soy sauces and ketchup with high salt content, foods fried in fat or oil, caffeine and hard liquor. Instead, choose fruits, whole grains, seasonal vegetables, sprouts and legumes.

Incorporate Coenzyme Q10 into your diet to improve cellular function and cut out caffeine by replacing it with a cup of chamomile tea. Quit smoking, go for a daily walk, eat less food more often and take time to stop and smell the roses, teaching yourself a method of letting go of stress. In this way you will learn how to naturally manage your hypertension.…

Hypertension Causes and Consequences

Hypertension Causes and Consequences

Hypertension is a common health problem in the United States. According to the American Heart Association, approximately one in three American adults is afflicted with hypertension. Better known as high blood pressure to many, hypertension can be a major health risk if left untreated. The increased pressure in the arteries makes a patient more vulnerable to having a blood vessel rupture, which can be deadly. While some contributing factors to hypertension are unavoidable, others can be minimized and are even treatable. Knowing the causes and consequences of high blood pressure can help to make patients more aware of the risks they face so that they can take steps to guard against it.

Causes of Hypertension

There are many potential causes of hypertension, and often several factors work in conjunction and lead to an onset of high blood pressure over time. The following is a list of risk factors that increase a person’s chance of having elevated blood pressure:

Family history of hypertension (genetic predisposition)

African American descent (genetic predisposition)

Old age


Renal or kidney failure

High daily salt intake

Oral contraceptives containing the chemical compound Drospirenone

Some of these factors are impossible to control, but others are avoidable. By watching your weight and the amount of sodium that you consume in your diet, you can reduce your risk of developing hypertension. If you are a woman taking or considering taking birth control, consider talking to your doctor about the hypertension risks associated with Drospirenone-containing pills. If you already fall into one or more risk categories for high blood pressure, it may be in your best interest to consider other contraceptive alternatives.

Consequences of Hypertension

While hypertension can be somewhat mitigated by high blood pressure medication, it can be especially dangerous if left undiagnosed. A patient with untreated high blood pressure is more likely to suffer a heart attack, stroke, or kidney damage. Sadly, many people who suffer severe health problems from hypertension were never aware that they had the condition. It is therefore important that you see your doctor regularly and be checked for high blood pressure. A simple one-minute check for hypertension could save your life.

If you fall into any of the above risk categories that are known to increase your risk for hypertension, talk to your doctor about how you can minimize your chances of developing high blood pressure. Especially if you are an at-risk woman currently taking or considering birth control, it is important to talk to your doctor about the potential adverse side effects of contraceptives containing Drospirenone.

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Using Chocolate As a Natural High Blood Pressure Remedy

Using Chocolate As a Natural High Blood Pressure Remedy

When searching for a natural high blood pressure remedy, the most important thing to consider is whether it is something that you will be able to incorporate into your life. After all, even the most effective cure for any disease is useless if the patient doesn’t take it. That said, there is one food that has been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of hypertension that very few people will have trouble consuming on a regular basis. That food is chocolate, specifically very dark chocolate.

“Chocolate is actually good for me?” you may be asking. Yes, it is very good for you, so long as you choose the right chocolate to eat. In the past, before it became loaded with milk and sugar and all manner of other additives, chocolate was actually prescribed by pharmacists as a cure-all for a wide variety of maladies and conditions. These days, its benefits have been more empirically established.

Several studies have been performed in recent years to investigate chocolate’s use as a natural high blood pressure remedy. They discovered that the greatest benefit was found for those people who consume very dark chocolate. This is the variety that does not come with a huge amount of added milk or sugar added. The sugar adds unnecessary calories and the milk interferes with the method of action by which dark chocolate is beneficial for the body.

The benefits of chocolate come primarily from the huge amount of flavonoids contained in dark chocolate. These are a form of antioxidants that not only help clean up cellular debris from the body and help protect it from the ravages of free radicals, but also serve to help blood vessels relax and dilate, easing the flow of blood through them. This relaxing of blood vessels results in a modest, but significant drop in blood pressure.

The best way to use chocolate as a blood pressure remedy is to consume small amounts of high quality, very dark chocolate. That will allow you to avoid overindulging while still gaining all the benefits chocolate has to offer. Choose a chocolate that is 75% or higher in cocoa solids to ensure that you get the benefits you are after. Still, the drop is modest, so even the best chocolate will not sure your hypertension on its own.…

Depression and Sexual Life

Depression and Sexual Life

How depression resulting in chemical imbalance in our brain affects our sexual life is not exactly clear.

But if you think about symptoms of depression such as tiredness, lack of energy, insomnia, lack of coordination and self-confidence issues, they are not exactly an advertising board for a successful sexual performance.

Our body usually slows down and tries to preserve the energy; we withdraw from the rest of the world and from our loved ones and usually lose the interest in sexual relationships. Of course, there are always exceptions, and some depressed individuals seek comfort in security in sex.

This can apply to anxiety problems as well. What happens is that men start having erection problems and women are often unable to orgasm. Ironically, taking antidepressants can result in loss of sexual libido as well.

There are few things you can try to help yourself and your partner:

First, communicate. Talk to each other about your problem. Make your partner understand that this is simply an illness, and your lack of interest in sexual life doesn’t mean that you don’t like/love them anymore.

Don’t lose physical contact, cuddle, and cuddle often. It will comfort you and reassure your partner.

Change your diet. Healthy food will definitely help with your depression.

Exercise, go for a short walk every day. Exercise releases endorphins in your brain which make you feel happier.

Try group depression treatment, especially cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) for both you and your partner. It will help them a lot to understand what’s happening to you and your relationship.

At last, pay attention to your antidepressants. If they are the cause of your loss of libido, you can reduce the damage by:

Lower your dose but only under doctor’s supervision

Try to take your dose after sex, not before

Some antidepressants like Bupropion might even help with your sexual dysfunction

You can take drugs specifically for sexual dysfunction (Viagra, for example)

You can schedule 2-3 day break from drugs (talk to your doctor first)

Switch to another antidepressants

Whatever the cause of your problems, don’t despair. You will find the solution, just don’t give up. Remember your depression will come to an end. Remember also that your partner is here for the ride too and they are not having fun either, so make an effort to indulge them when you can and don’t forget that they need to receive support too.…

Lower Your High Blood Pressure – 5 Natural Remedies You Will Not Hear From Your Doctor

Lower Your High Blood Pressure – 5 Natural Remedies You Will Not Hear From Your Doctor

As high blood pressure suffers, we are amongst the first generations to have handed over our health care to doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. In placing our well being in their hands we have forgotten the natural remedies we used to use, some of which are just as effective at lowering our high blood pressure as the pharmaceutical products our doctor prescribes – but without the side effects.

Before we take umbrage at our physician when he reaches for the prescription pad, we should understand that traditionally doctors’ training leads them to focus on a “scientific” cure for our ailments. The problem is that the medical profession looks to pharmaceutical companies for drugs and medicines with which to treat us. Being commercial organisations, the pharmaceutical companies need a return on their investment, so it is not in their interests to promote effective natural remedies that reduce our hypertension.

When we consider how simple it is to treat our high blood pressure naturally, we soon come to realize that there is an alternative to taking drugs for the rest of our lives.

Here are five practical ways to for us to lower our high blood pressure naturally:

# 1. Eat vegetables. There are vitamins and minerals that reduce hypertension. Fortunately for us, most vegetables contain these nutrients. For maximum benefit we should eat vegetables raw or lightly cooked. Overcooking will destroy the very nutrients we need.

Do not add any salt to the cooking process as the sodium will cause our blood pressure to rise rapidly and will negate the benefit of the nutrients in our food.

We should try to eat at least one portion of green vegetables each day as well as a minimum of two other vegetables.

# 2. Get enough dietary fibre. Getting adequate fibre in our diets is especially important for us high blood pressure sufferers. It makes our digestive system more efficient; helping us to eliminate waste and toxins naturally. In so doing, it helps reduce our hypertension.

In addition to eating a variety of vegetables, we should aim to eat at least two portions of different fruits a day. Fruit is a good source of dietary fibre as well as containing many of the nutrients we need to stay healthy. An apple a day really does keep the doctor away!

Vegetables are also good sources of dietary fibre as are whole grains. Choose whole grain breakfast cereals and whole grain bread for an easy and convenient way to increase our intake of dietary fibre.

# 3. Go bananas! Eat a banana a day. Bananas are a good source of potassium, which actually reduces blood pressure. Bananas are also high in dietary fibre, so we get a double benefit. Apricots and currants are also high in potassium.

# 4. “Good shall come of water”. Drinking water cleans out any waste that has accumulated in our body and keeps us …

Benefits of Banana

Benefits of Banana

We always have a concept that certain kinds of foods are fattening such as chocolate, butter and ice cream etc. If we are to lose weight, we need to avoid them. Banana is one of them. However, we are to analysis to you about the benefit of banana in slimming and also our health.

Banana contains 3 types of sugar which is sucrose, fructose and glucose. Additional to the sugar content, it also contains fiber. 2 bananas can provide us the energy that we need for 90 minutes of intense exercise. Besides providing energy, it also helps to prevent many diseases and resolve some symptoms that we may have.

Depression: In a recent research, one with depression will feel a lot better after taking banana. This is due to the amino acid content that helps to induced

Anemia: It contains high level of iron which increases the level of hemoglobin in our blood.

High blood pressure: High level of potassium but low in sodium (salt) is the perfect food to lower the blood pressure and chance of stroke. In a medical report published in The New England Journal of Medicine, if we are taking banana in long term, we will be able to reduce the chance of strokes by 40%.

Tension: While we are tense, metabolism rate will increase Vitamin Bs contain will soothes the tensed nervous system. Potassium content in banana also can help to replenish whatever we have consumed. It is also one of the important elements to adjust our heart rate. By reducing our heart rate, our metabolism rate will be slower.

Obesity: Most of the obesity problems are due to pressure. People will eat to release pressure. To prevent this, we need to eat high carbohydrate food every 2 or 3 hours in order to lower the sugar level in our blood.

Gastric: Due to its soft texture and high sugar content, it will help to neutralize the gastric acid and ease the pain.

Concentration: High potassium level also helps us to focus and hence increase the ability to learn.

We all have heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But do you know that banana contains 4 times more protein, 2 times more carbohydrates, 5 times more vitamin A and iron as compare to apple. Maybe now we should consider to change it to a banana a day keeps the doctor away~…

5 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

5 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

Hypertension can lead to potentially fatal complications like heart attacks, kidney failures and strokes. As such, you will want to know of the natural ways to lower blood pressure because you do want to live longer. You need not worry about these top five ways as difficult to achieve since these only involve a few simple lifestyle changes.

First, you have to lose those extra pounds and watch your weight. You don’t have to suffer from body image issues either as we are talking about a healthy body weight to maintain a healthy body.

In fact, maintaining a healthy weight and waistline is probably the most effective of the many natural ways to lower blood pressure. Even if you lose just 10 pounds, you are significantly lessening your risks for hypertension and its complications.

Second, you must exercise regularly. In doing so, you can lower your blood pressure levels by 4 to 9 mm-Hg. You may think that it’s a minuscule amount but in the context of hypertension, it’s a significant one.

You can start with just 10 minutes of brisk walking daily. Then, as you gradually build up your strength, you can increase to 30-60 minutes of combined cardio and strength training exercises for most days of the week.

Third, your diet must undergo changes if you want to tie up the first two natural ways to lower blood pressure. Your diet must consist of heart-healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fishes and low-fat dairy products. Your emphasis is to lessen the amount of unhealthy fats while increasing consumption of healthy fats like omega-3. Go on the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet. You will soon find that you feel and look good with it.

Fourth, you have to watch what you drink in alcoholic beverage. Yes, a glass of red wine will do your heart good but becoming a borderline alcoholic is not good. Certain alcoholic drinks may be recommended as one of the natural ways to lower blood pressure but do go easy on these beverages.

Fifth, you should say goodbye to your sticks of cigarettes and even to secondhand smoke. Did you know that nicotine consumption raises blood pressure levels by 10 mm-Hg an hour after the first puff was inhaled? Yes, indeed, that’s how damaging to health smoking cigarettes can be, aside from the increased risks for other diseases like cancer.…

One Flu Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Why Hypertensives Should Avoid Shots

One Flu Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Why Hypertensives Should Avoid Shots

A bacteriologist in 1954, by the name of Bernice Eddy, discovered monkey viruses in a polio vaccine that was allegedly impotent and developed by Jonas Salk. The discovery by Eddy did not receive a good welcome by the NIH and she was subsequently demoted. Soon thereafter, Eddy began work with Sara Stewart, who identified something known as the SE Polyoma virus. This was quite remarkable in that every animal that received the polyoma virus developed cancer.

A vaccine created for yellow fever was found to contain avian (bird) leukemia virus in there. So much for the power of vaccines. Later, a doctor by the name of Hilleman isolated the SV40 virus that Jonas Salk and Sabin had developed. It was noted that existing in those polio vaccines were at least 40 different viruses, hence the term,”SV-40.” Needless to say, none of the 40 viruses were ever eradicated. Malignancies such as non-Hodgekin Lymphoma, brain tumors and mesotheliomas could be attributable to SV-40. When these malignancies were “caught” by doctors, some millions of people had already been injected with the Salk vaccine. Between 1955 and 1963, some 98 million Americans may have been infected with a vaccine made from the contaminated Rhesus monkey. What does all of this mean? It suggests that man’s attempt to create a solution to various outbreaks using viruses to build resistance could have had the opposite effect.

The Salk Polio vaccine is associated with the development of all types of cancers and possibly other auto-immune diseases. What is the connection to hypertension? Any foreign substance consisting of animal DNA would be harmful to just about all humans despite their condition. People with high blood pressure may be at a greater risk for brain, nerve and kidney damage based on the mercury and other toxic elements found in vaccines.

In 1999, the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics warned the public about Thimerosal, an ingredient containing mercury used in the vaccinations of infant and children. The National Vaccine Information Center stated “The cumulative effects of ingesting mercury can cause brain damage.” Some 15 mercury-laden vaccines were typically given to infants by the time they reached 6 months old! The link between Autism and Thimerosal have been hotly discussed but the evidence is mounting for the case against using Thimerosal in vaccines.

Autism is a condition where children by the age of two are affected in ways in which their motor, sensory, neurological, immune and behavioral skills are retarded.

A Professor of Pathology by the name of John Martin at the University of California worked for the Viral Oncology Branch of the Bureau of Biologics from 1976 to 1980. This department was renamed the FDA and there, Dr. Martin found extraneous DNA in the live polio vaccine. He alerted his employers about the dangers of this virus and was relieved of his duties.

A few years later, Dr. Martin was shocked to learn that the Lederle …

Spice Up Your Life and Lower Your Blood Pressure

Spice Up Your Life and Lower Your Blood Pressure

A client of mine sent me a mail regarding the plus points of the cayenne pepper and said that it can very finely heal the issue of high blood pressure. So I thought of promoting the thought to everyone of my clients across the globe. I am here to tell the advantages of it.

Many undergo this condition of hypertension in the US which can eventually lead to serious health issues. It can be kidney collapse, heart problems and strokes. Renal failure and heart problems are reported seriously with lot of other complications.

So many drugs are available for treating the hypertension problem. This can lead to a number of secondary effects. It can cause a tired feeling, lack of sleep and vomiting feeling. It just gives a android life which is of no use to anyone.

The most innovative method of curing this issue using a herbal remedy is to use the Cayenne pepper which is the Cayenne Capsicum. This is naturally available and cures the problems of hypertension very easily.

The main constituent of the cayenne pepper is the Capsaicin which gives a spicy effect in the thing. It purifies blood and helps in digestion. It reduces the effects of arthritis and atherosclerosis.

The main nutrients in the Cayenne pepper is the vitamin A, B, C, potassium and organic calcium. It is very effective in helping the digestion of the food and a fit well being.

This is very powerful in driving away the high blood pressure and it is known for giving a pure sense. The cayenne pepper or the Cayenne Capsicum also eliminates the drowsy feeling which one gets when taking the drugs prescribed for treatment.

So now you should have decided to take in cayenne pepper in food. If so it is a very good decision. If you want to take up a package along with this to reduce hypertension very easily then Try the all natural High Blood Pressure program which I have designed.…