Depression and Sexual Life

Depression and Sexual Life

How depression resulting in chemical imbalance in our brain affects our sexual life is not exactly clear.

But if you think about symptoms of depression such as tiredness, lack of energy, insomnia, lack of coordination and self-confidence issues, they are not exactly an advertising board for a successful sexual performance.

Our body usually slows down and tries to preserve the energy; we withdraw from the rest of the world and from our loved ones and usually lose the interest in sexual relationships. Of course, there are always exceptions, and some depressed individuals seek comfort in security in sex.

This can apply to anxiety problems as well. What happens is that men start having erection problems and women are often unable to orgasm. Ironically, taking antidepressants can result in loss of sexual libido as well.

There are few things you can try to help yourself and your partner:

First, communicate. Talk to each other about your problem. Make your partner understand that this is simply an illness, and your lack of interest in sexual life doesn’t mean that you don’t like/love them anymore.

Don’t lose physical contact, cuddle, and cuddle often. It will comfort you and reassure your partner.

Change your diet. Healthy food will definitely help with your depression.

Exercise, go for a short walk every day. Exercise releases endorphins in your brain which make you feel happier.

Try group depression treatment, especially cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) for both you and your partner. It will help them a lot to understand what’s happening to you and your relationship.

At last, pay attention to your antidepressants. If they are the cause of your loss of libido, you can reduce the damage by:

Lower your dose but only under doctor’s supervision

Try to take your dose after sex, not before

Some antidepressants like Bupropion might even help with your sexual dysfunction

You can take drugs specifically for sexual dysfunction (Viagra, for example)

You can schedule 2-3 day break from drugs (talk to your doctor first)

Switch to another antidepressants

Whatever the cause of your problems, don’t despair. You will find the solution, just don’t give up. Remember your depression will come to an end. Remember also that your partner is here for the ride too and they are not having fun either, so make an effort to indulge them when you can and don’t forget that they need to receive support too.