Top Stupid Things To Do To Create High Blood Pressure

Top Stupid Things To Do To Create High Blood Pressure

Have you ever thought about what would happen if your heart stopped beating? Many people including myself take this muscle for granted. Here it is working every single day since we were born and it never calls in sick or even takes a break. Yet we rarely even think about it let alone show it any appreciation. One of the main reasons someone’s heart may stop beating prematurely has to do with blood pressure.

Blood pressure has to do with how much force your arteries are taking from blood. Over time if there is a lot of force your arteries can become hard and weak. If arteries become less flexible because of this force it can lead to them becoming thinning and even clogged. If an artery becomes clogged it can very dangerous. For example if the clogged artery prevents blood from reaching the brain that can lead to a stroke. If it has to do with the heart it can lead to someone’s heart to stop working or a heart attack. The technical term for high blood pressure is hyper tension and the reading is somewhere above 120/80. Of course there are a lot of factors involved as well so it’s an estimate. The top number represents the physical force of the blood being pushed into the arteries. The bottom number represents the physical force of the blood as the heart relaxes and blood is not being forced up against the arteries.

The technical term for low blood pressure is hypo tension and it really has to do with symptoms rather than readings. When someone has low blood pressure blood does not brings nutrients to organs and eliminate waste therefore important organs start to fail. Depending on the person the reading will be below 120/80.

One of the main causes of abnormal blood pressure has to do with dehydration in fact I would predict than many people right now probably you as your reading this don’t drink enough water. Other common causes would be loss of blood because of a wound, inflammation of organs, a weakened heart, drugs, virus and lack of nutrients.

How to cure abnormal blood pressure has mostly to do with finding out what is wrong with your health and correcting it. A great place to start would be to add things such as water, nutrients and healthy food to your diet that improve circulation. Then eliminate stuff that slows circulation such as processed meats, a lethargic lifestyle, drugs, deep fried foods. Other things to be aware of is to consume potassium because it’s a big factor with blood flow as well as garlic. Drink green tea because it helps with circulation and dang it get up off that chair and move around. In fact you should do it right now as you’re reading this, stretch your muscles and walk around. As you’re walking around get a huge glass of water and drink that too.