Quick Blood Pressure Information Nuggets Part 1

Quick Blood Pressure Information Nuggets Part 1

What is blood pressure

The definition of BP is the pressure of blood flowing through a person’s blood vessels exerted on the vessel walls. BP depends on blood pumped from the heart and the elasticity or tightness of the blood vessels. blood pressure itself relies heavily on the entire cardiovascular system. other factor that influence BP is a person’s age, physical activity, they food they eat, lifestyle i.e drinking and smoking amongst other things. A person’s family history and genetics also has a role to play on BP.

How is blood pressure interpreted

There are two key numbers when measuring BP. These are namely the systolic number which is the big number on top and the diastolic number which is the smaller number at the bottom. These numbers are read in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). The systolic number which is on top is created in the blood vessels by the heart when it squeezes during heart beat. The bottom diastolic number represents the pressure created in the blood vessels when the heart is resting in between heartbeats. This is the time when the heart is relaxed.

The systolic and diastolic measurements of BP are presented by special BP equipment such as the BP monitor. In modern times these equipment are now digital and are available for purchase online or from pharmacies. They enable home BP monitoring. Common brands of these equipment are Omron, Relion and Samsung BP monitors.

How is blood pressure measured

Taking BP is very important to producing accurate BP readings. People who take BP must carefully follow instructions on the respective equipment in order to produce expected and realistic results. When taking BP the patient must be sitting. No smoking or caffeine consumption must occur 30 minutes before measurement. The patient must rest for some five minutes before taking BP. One measurement is not enough when taking BP. Measurements should be at least twice on the same hand before calculating the average. Good BP monitor brands calculate the average on behalf of the patient minimizing error. It is important to use a reliable BP cuff.

How to get a good blood pressure monitor

Taking blood pressure is just half of the story. A good and reliable BP monitor is as important as correctly taking the BP explained above. Ensure that you purchase a recognized brand such as Samsung, Relion, Omron and others. These are usually endorsed by hypertension institutions which carry out calibration of the monitors. BP monitors must be tested and calibrated by these institutions to give accurate results. Also go for a brand that can also give you morning hypertension readings and also which can detect irregular heartbeat. Irregular heartbeat points to possible underlying cardiovascular issues that might emerge soon or later.

What are the symptoms of high blood pressure

Usually and for millions of people there are no symptoms to indicate the presence of high BP. This is one of the key reasons why hypertension is labeled the silent killer. It can produce no signs until there is not much time left. Contrary to popular belief it is rarely associated with migraine headaches.