Depression Therapy – Learn How I Found Sound Mental Health and Wisdom Instead of Committing Suicide

Depression Therapy – Learn How I Found Sound Mental Health and Wisdom Instead of Committing Suicide

You probably cannot believe that your dreams are as important as your daily life. Even if you believe that they have a certain message to give you, you don’t think that this message is crucial for your survival, and thus, you have to pay special attention to the meaning of your dreams. However, the truth is that you had better despise the news you read on newspapers, and first of all learn what is happening in your life by accurately translating the meaning of your dreams.

I understood that I was neurotic in 1984, when I was 23 years old. I was married and pregnant at the time. I felt I needed help because I was always irritated and depressed. This year, I lost a young cousin and my mother-in-law in the same week. Their death marked the end of my indifference. I decided to seriously care about finding a solution, before coming to the point of committing suicide.

This introduction shows you that my work is very serious and that my research is not commercial. I needed a solution for my own psychological problems. This was for me, a matter of life or death.

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method discovered by the psychiatrist Carl Jung was the only solution I found, after trying many other methods and following many other psychologists and their theories. Only Jung managed to really discover the hidden meaning of dreams and their healing power.

I precisely followed the unconscious guidance in my dreams, managing to eliminate my neurosis, which was almost becoming schizophrenia. If I hadn’t followed the unconscious psychotherapy I would become schizophrenic like my father. This was my destiny because I inherited too much absurdity in the wild side of my conscience (anti-conscience).

Unfortunately, everyone can easily become crazy because we all inherit craziness in the biggest part of our brain. Some people manage to escape from craziness during their lives, while other people are determined to pass through this bitter experience.

My case was one of the worst ones. Only because I was very obedient, could I overcome all the absurdity imposed by my anti-conscience, and completely eliminate the roots of craziness from my mind.

I’ve cured many people through dream therapy since 1990, as part of my pro bono work. I was learning, and at the same time saving lives. This was how I transformed the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung into a fast, clear, and very objective method of instant translation from dream images into words.

I continued Jung’s research discovering the anti-conscience that he could not see, and a lot more. This is why today I can teach you how to prevent craziness.

You need craziness prevention not only because you have inherited too much absurdity in the wild side of your conscience, but also because you live in an absurd world. You live in a …

Stem Cells Can Be Used To Treat Hypertension

Stem Cells Can Be Used To Treat Hypertension

In many cases, hypertension is treated using different types of drugs. These drugs may include diuretics, Beta blockers, ACE inhibitors and calcium channel blockers. These drugs have been the preferred method of treatment for hypertension, until recent studies have shown that stem cell treatment can help reduce and even reverse symptoms associated with hypertension. Studies are still being conducted, but the results shown so far have been rather promising.

Hypertension results in high blood pressure, which places additional strain on the heart to provide an adequate flow of oxygen rich blood to all of the body’s organs and tissue. Doctors have noticed that by transplanting embryonic stem cells into the body, they help relieve and reduce a person’s blood pressure and the need for medicinal treatments.

The use of embryonic stem cells has proven to be effective in the reduction of blood pressure, the amount of headaches experienced by those suffering from the disease and they also help alleviate and stabilize blood pressure. This improved level of blood pressure helps improve a patient’s mental capacity and physical abilities.

A number of clinics and medical centers located abroad offer treatments and studies that have been shown to help those who suffer from hypertension and its symptoms. These treatments also help improve the functionality of the heart muscle, which improves the patient’s overall health. While this treatment isn’t provided in the United States, it can currently be found in Mexico.

Embryonic stem cells have the ability to differentiate between the different organs in the body and they can become any type of cell found in the human body. This ability allows doctors to replace damaged cells in the body by injecting healthy embryonic stem cells. The ability of replacing damaged cells throughout the body provides doctors with the ability to treat specific damaged areas located throughout the body.

Healthy stem cells are created in a lab and then injected or transfused into a patient who may be suffering from arterial or pulmonary hypertension. While this area of medicine is relatively new, constant developments are regularly being made. As future discoveries are made, the possibility to treat different diseases continues to be noted. There are numerous possibilities in how these types of cells can be used in the treatment of disease. As research continues to be performed, we will undoubtedly learn of more ways in which these specific cells can help alleviate and even cure some diseases.…

Depression – Side Effects and the Clash of One Drug With Another

Depression – Side Effects and the Clash of One Drug With Another

SSRIs and SNRIs.

Drugs in these classes have less and different side effects, such as nausea, nervousness, insomnia, rash and diarrhea. Sexual side effects are ever-present with these drugs, unfortunately.

Bupropion, too, has fewer side effects than TCAs. However, Bupropion, or Wellbutrin as the name under which it’s sold, was removed from the market for some little time, because of seizures being reported from its use. After urgent investigation, however, it was found that these seizures occurred because of high doses, above 450 mg/day, which is now the maximum recommended dose.

It was found, too, that other reasons for the drug to cause seizures were if a patient already had a history of seizures or some form of brain trauma, an eating disorder, drank too much alcohol, or was taking other drugs that increased the risk of seizures.

This is another point to consider. Sometimes, a drug is seen to work well, to do its job as it should, but to have an unfortunate side effect, let’s say it tends to cause some patients to have Restless Leg Syndrome. The patient has two choices. Either be taken off the drug and put on another one which has less efficiency, or take another drug such as Requip to counter the RLS.

We’re then faced with two questions. What else does Requip do and how does the combination of both drugs work on the patient, particularly in the long term?

This was my own experience. The drug I take for Depression is fine, or so it seems. As I’ve said in previous articles, it doesn’t appear to have any side effects on me. But I was put on another drug which was an anti-seizure medication, and found after a bit that I was kicking everything and everybody in sight! Well, not quite as bad as that, but in bed at night, my legs would jerk quite uncontrollably.

I came off the seizure drug, but it seemed that the damage was already done. So now I’m on Requip. It does its job admirably, but I often wonder what’s really going on inside me, in my brain and nervous system.

I do know that if I stop taking Requip, even for a day, then I’m back to jerking all over the place. This brings us back to what we were discussing the other day. A drug to stop seizures shouldn’t give me Restless Leg Syndrome.

We’re wrapping up our discussion on drugs, their efficacy and side effects with this article, but my relatively mild experience shows beyond doubt that the scientists only have part of the answer. Whether a time will come when they can sit down and manufacture a drug that does just that one thing for which it’s been designed, only time will tell.

The psychiatrist whom I attend is a highly qualified man, but it’s painfully obvious that he has only a hazy idea of what he’s prescribing…

Hypertension – Prevention Tips

Hypertension – Prevention Tips

Hypertension is a metabolic disorder which may remain undiagnosed / under covers, even for years together. Young executives today are more prone to fall into prey of this silent killer. Cool, calm, composed individuals may also have this problem owing to its development due to hectic life style.

Set your health standards in accordance with the needs of your body. Modify your habits to handcuff the culprit at the grass root level.

o Maintain the optimum weight -try to keep it in the range -average for your height and age.

o The element of “hurry, worry and curry” in life is actually the precursor of Hypertension in our system. Features of hurry in your life may be identified as-(1) if you are a fast eater (2) If you feel extremely tired by the end of the day (3) You always feel short of time (4) Feel depressed while waiting

o Maintain an active lifestyle. If unable to make sufficient time for exercise, incorporate activity into your routine. viz. – use stairs instead of lift, shun that car & walk down to pick up the grocery, etc.

o Laugh open heartedly more often to relieve yourself of the stress of day to day life.

o Limit and eventually quit smoking & alcohol.

o Keep a strict vigil on your salt consumption. It should not exceed more than 1500 mg per day i.e. approx. 1 teaspoon per day.

o Curtail intake of foods laden with salt i.e. papads, chutneys, pickles, tomato sauce, soya sauce, potato chips, processed cheese, salted butter, etc.

o Reduce or simply cut off table salt on curds, salads, etc.

o Eat intelligently, use minimal and healthy oil for cooking.

o Chalk out a controlled dietary plan in communion with your constitutional needs and job profile.

o Eat at regular intervals.

o Opt for low fat dairy products.

o Select foods rich in Potassium-potatoes, bananas, potatoes, citrus fruits, wheat grass, barley grass.…

8 Factors of Hypertension – Are You at Risk For High Blood Pressure

8 Factors of Hypertension – Are You at Risk For High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (HBP) is the leading killer in the world today. Heart attacks and strokes are the #1 and #3 killers of adult males. This does not even include causes by other symptoms of HBP, like kidney damage it causes. Hypertension is also the “silent” killer so it is quite easy to have it and not even realize it, until it kills you. If you are not sure if you are at risk for HBP, this article will tell you some of the risk factors. If you have hypertension this article is good because it reminds you of the things you may be able to change to reduce your high blood pressure.

Factors of hypertension that you can change.

There are many factors of hypertension you can change.

1. Diet. High Fat diets are particularly bad. Diets high in salty are also bad

2. Smoking. We all know it is bad. Stop! Enough said.

3. Drinking. 1-2 drinks a day (particularly of red wine) has shown to have great positive benefits. Overindulging, though, is horrible for your heart health.

4. Adding salt. Salt is bad enough when it comes naturally in your foods. Never add it after the cooking.

5. Obesity. Losing weight is sure to lower your high blood pressure.

Factors of hypertension that you cannot change

6. Age. As you age your chances of HTN increases. You may be fine at 30, but have very high blood pressure at 40, even though you are in better shape. It just happens. Monitor your pressure frequently.

7. Genetics and ethnicity. Not much you can do about this. Blame your parents.

8. Family history. More specific than just “genetics” If you have had relatives with HBP issues you need to guard extra carefully against it. You are in a huge “danger factor” area.

Steps you need to take to control your high blood pressure.…

Herbs For High Blood Pressure – 7 Tried and Tested Herbs As Alternative Treatments For Hypertension

Herbs For High Blood Pressure – 7 Tried and Tested Herbs As Alternative Treatments For Hypertension

Based on the data of the American Heart Association (AHA), almost one out of three Americans has high blood pressure. The sad part is that they are not aware that the disorder is already in their system.

Only when it becomes severe by manifesting symptoms like nosebleeds, headache, or dizzy spells will the individual submit himself for examination, only to learn that he is already a hypertension sufferer.

He will now require medication, adopt certain diet restrictions, and lifestyle change. On the other hand, he can opt for herbs known to be effective in controlling high blood pressure. The use of alternative medicines has been a common practice among old folks in almost every parts of the globe.

These people were able to tap the vast potential given by Mother Nature without the need of synthetic medicines produced by pharmaceutical companies. In earlier times, this was snubbed by the medical world due to inadequate scientific basis.

To date, a lot of medical studies are underway to validate these herbs as effective treatments for high blood pressure since they are now gaining worldwide acceptance even for other illnesses.

In connection with this, there are 7 tried and tested herbs available to provide the hypertension sufferer natural treatments for high blood pressure:

1. Garlic – Has shown its effectiveness by lowering the bad cholesterol (LDL), maintains the capability of blood to flow freely, strengthens the heart, mild diuretic, and antibacterial.

2. Turmeric – Is an Indian herb commonly used in curry foods but contains curcumin. Curcumin has antioxidant properties that helps improve blood flow, liver metabolism and make the blood vessels stronger.

3. Hawthorn Berry – Improves the flow of blood by opening the coronary arteries. It prevents the arteries from hardening and helps strengthen the heart muscle for better function.

4. Gingko Biloba – This is good for dilation of the arteries, improvement of blood circulation leading to the lowering of high blood pressure. Also, it aids in improving the memory and increasing the flow of blood particularly in the brain area.

5. Olive leaf – The extracts are used for irregular heartbeat and for normalizing the blood pressure.

6. Ginger – Aside from its health properties in improving the blood circulation and relaxing the muscles around the blood vessels, this is also used for easing the digestion.

7. Maitake – A Chinese mushroom commonly used in lowering the cholesterol levels, both the systolic and diastolic.

Complementing these herbs for high blood pressure are nutritional food supplements like coenzyme Q10, calcium, folic acid and vitamins B6, B12, E and C.

Additionally, not all herbs can be used in the treatment of high blood pressure. Medical science has suspected that rosemary oil, Asian ginseng, ephedra, and licorice can trigger this medical problem.

Nevertheless, proper doctor consultation is always needed before venturing in the use of herbs for high blood pressure.…

Decrease Blood Pressure – Can Your Blood Pressure Be Decreased Without Putting Yourself At Risk?

Decrease Blood Pressure – Can Your Blood Pressure Be Decreased Without Putting Yourself At Risk?

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with having high blood pressure, you’re more than likely extremely concerned, given that we all know hypertension can kill. In fact, thousands of people die every year because of heart attacks and strokes brought on by high blood pressure, so it only makes sense that you will want to decrease hypertension as soon as possible.

Although you could break down treatments into several categories, let’s keep this simple, and say you essentially only have two options available to you. You can either leave the responsibility in the hands of your doctor, or else you can decrease blood pressure yourself, without having to take prescription drugs. Let’s go ahead and take a look at these two options in slightly more detail.

Prescription Drugs to Lower Blood Pressure

Practically anyone having their hypertension controlled with drugs will be taking four different types of drug. These are beta blockers, diuretics, calcium channel blockers, and a class of drug known as ACE inhibitors.

All of these carry a risk of side effects. In fact, I challenge anyone on these drugs to come forward and say they don’t experience any side effects whatsoever. So, if side effects are so common, and there are natural ways to decrease blood pressure, why do so many sufferers insist on taking drugs? The simple answer to that is because they are scared.

Natural Ways to Decrease Blood Pressure

Treating high blood pressure naturally is by no means a new concept. In fact, you’ll find archives of information on the Internet bearing testimony to this. You’ll come across scores of websites where real life doctors and specialists agree that you can decrease hypertension without the need for prescription medication.

The first step in controlling your hypertension involves eating the correct foods. In other words, you’ll need to make a few adjustments to your diet. In most cases, this means nothing more than making a few minor changes, which in turn can see your hypertension coming down by as much as ten points.

The second step involves you doing some regular physical exercise each day. This does not mean you need to join a gym, it doesn’t mean you need to go jogging each day, and neither does it mean you have to become incredibly fit. Something as insignificant as a 20 minute walk each day will be more than enough to decrease blood pressure.…