Why is glass packaging better than plastic?

When you want customers to come back to you it does not always have to do with the product itself. The packaging can also convince customers to come back to you and buy more regularly. For example, when you deliver your product in plastic bottles it will feel light weighted. Overall the feeling about plastic is not good, producing is very cheap which the customer can feel. Glass can be recycled. Therefore it is more sustainable and it is heavier. People assume heavy with luxury. Especially when you would like to sell cosmetic products it is important to keep in mind that you want to give your customer a serotonin boost. They will use your product on a daily basis, hopefully. For that matter it is important to make them feel special when touching your product. Glassmeister has all different kinds of bottles made out of glass in different shapes and colors.

Choose for a different design

Something which can be interesting is that as a company, which produces skincare for example. Can choose for a more unconventional packaging. When doing this, you will not only make yourself more unique but you will have the opportunity to impress your clients or customers on another level. Cosmetic bottles come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes. It’s up to you what you prefer and what you think your customer would like to buy. Having more than one option can free your creative mind. You can customize it afterwards with pretty labels so your branding will be fully clear towards your customers. When you have to come up with a concept for your brand it has to be important that you will reach your target audience. With that in mind, you can create a brand that will be part of the lifestyle of your customer.

The difference between a transparent and milk glass

When selling cosmetic products, you will have to keep in mind that packaging could be a dealbreaker. A lot of people not only find transparent bottles often way better to use, because you can see how much product there is left, you can also see better what is inside. The texture and color of the product is nice to see before it comes out. Not only is this base important, but the closure might be even just as important. It has to do with hygiene and easy application. When using a pump for a cream you can have a way better experience instead of a tube where you sometimes have to use force to get product out.…