Natural Cure For Hypertension


Natural Cure For Hypertension

Silent disease is a silent killer as it gives no alarm and attacks suddenly. According to AHA, nearly 33% of adults in America have high blood pressure, which is one of the most dangerous silent diseases. Changing modern day lifestyle has become the necessity today as it is leading to a significant increase in the number of patients diagnosed with the problem of hypertension. Though medical treatment is readily available and one does control his increased blood pressure but it is always advisable to follow the natural cure for hypertension.

The two most followed natural cures are exercise and diet control. In fact it has been said and repeated so many times that people now feel that everyone around who control their diet and exercise regularly are also falling a prey to this deadly disease, then what else should be done to maintain the blood pressure. Time management, stress management and maintaining a proper emotional quotient are the three most important natural cures for a working professional to maintain his blood pressure. Hypertension is directly related with the mental and psychological stress one faces during working hours. Though we tend to balance our work and personal life yet unsolicited commitments or peer pressure surmounts anxiety and results in hypertension. As a natural cure to hypertension one can surely follow these basic thumb rules.

Avoiding beverages and consumption of alcohol and tobacco can further reduce hypertension. Thus even if one’s intake is low on calories and fat yet smoking or consuming lots of beverages will surely increase the blood pressure. As a natural cure to hypertension one should surely neglect the excessive use of tea or coffee or rather any beverage.


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