What Is Depression?

What Is Depression?

Depression is the most common form of psychological disorder that may affect not just the person’s emotional and mental well-being, but his whole-being in totality.

A depressed person will feel deep sadness and grief, he will feel hopeless and helpless, will lose interest in the things around him and with his life, turns away from people and the world he lives and locks himself in a place where nothing matters.

Although depression is a psychological illness, it is not just in the head and something you can will your mind to go away. It is not just as simple as being sad, it is so deep that once you have fallen into it, would be hard to pick your self up. It could last for months or years and worse is forever.

Depression varies from person to person, depending upon which form of depression he has and the situation he is in. Forms of depression are as follows;

Clinical Depression which the most form of all where one feels as though everything in his life is hopeless and he is convinced that he will be in this state forever.

Other forms of depression are the Atypical Depression and Dysthymic Depression which are quite interrelated, where one feels on and off sadness or much better known as ‘living a lie.’ A person having this form of depression hides himself in a smile, pretends to be all right and may feel split joy and happiness that is totally dependent on the events in his outside world. This is the type of sadness that may last forever.

Another form is the Psychotic Depression where the sufferer will have hallucinations. He will be seeing, hearing and feeling things that are not existing in reality. Most people suffering from this form of depression may become worse as it has the possibility of turning into insanity.

Last is the Manic Depression which is the most crucial form of depression when not given attention. It is a combination of all the forms and the sufferer may be suicidal. He will believe that there is no point to life and his only freedom is taking his own life and so they usually end up with self mutilation.

Fortunately though, depression is treatable and the treatment given the chance is quite simple and easy. It can be treated through medications and counseling. But, anyone with depression can heal himself. It takes but determination and will and ‘LOVE’ for yourself to surpass and overcome it.