Using Cinnamon Aids High Blood Pressure Problems

Using Cinnamon Aids High Blood Pressure Problems

It’s known that spices are natural remedies, cinnamon is one that helps with high blood pressure issues. Of course there are others, but will focus on cinnamon because it’s easy to find. Lets take a closer look at how we can add this to our diets.

There are two types of cinnamon, whole and extract. Both are proven to have a positive affect on high blood pressure. Since high blood pressure and diabetes are a kin to one another, you can look into using cinnamon for both.

So the common question asked is why? There are properties within cinnamon that helps use the hormone insulin in the body. In effect, it lowers levels of glucose and triglycerides (fat in blood) which benefits people with high blood pressure. Anytime you can reduce the accumulation of bad fats inside your arterial walls you step closer to controlling your situation.

Dosage of Cinnamon for High Blood Pressure Problems

There are several ways to use cinnamon, for it to be effective you have to include it in your daily routine. Try this as a recommended dosage.

First, add 1/2 teaspoon of powdered cinnamon daily on cereal or toast or mix into yogurt. Then you can either take one capsule twice a day or you might try buying a tincture and add 30 drops to one ounce of distilled water 3 times a day.

Lets add one more alternative if you don’t want to take the tincture. Use 1/2 teaspoon of powdered cinnamon with eight ounces of boiling water. Let sit for 15 minutes, makes two cups of 4 ounces each. Drink twice a day.

The main thing is to get enough cinnamon in your system so your body can start to reverse some of the damage already done.

There are a few other common spices you can add to your diet, and there are some less common herbs. Start with the common more neutral items, like cinnamon, if your blood pressure issue is more severe you might have to look into a stronger herb.

Keep you doctor in the loop, most spices will not confict with medications, but it’s safer to inform your physician about any changes you make.

There are many other things you can do for your high blood pressure issues.