Things That Raise Your Blood Pressure

Things That Raise Your Blood Pressure

There are two types of high blood pressure; the first common high blood pressure is essential hypertension while the second is secondary hypertension. The essential hypertension is merely accumulated of 95% of hypertension and is categorized as a chronic condition that could bring many diseases. On the other hand, the secondary hypertension is amassed 5% hypertension, which is considered as a reason for a specific abnormality in particular organ of your body.

The essential hypertension caused by multifactor things and the underlying defects have not yet known. However, the basic causes can be recognized as a high intake of salt in some certain societies. You are recommended to consume salt less than 5.8 grams each day while the excess use of salt might be causing to several conditions due to hypertension.

Salt servings considerably as the most factor of hypertension in relation of obesity, susceptibility, genetic, the age and kidney failure. According to the study, the salt intake should only 3.8 grams on 19 to be 50 years old. This amount will be enough to change your lost from the perspiration process and supply you for other essential nutrients.

Some study also states that genetic factor play major role to ease the development of hypertension and give you high risk. Genetic is structured from some genes, which are the tiny portion chromosomes. These chromosomes produce proteins that become the characteristic of personal. The study still works to explore the relation of the proteins and renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system that is responsible to control salt balance and arteries.

The abnormality of arteries also can lead to hypertension as it is found in vast majority patients. When the arteries cannot its job, it increases resistance in the tiny that are located far away from the heart. These arteries are responsible to provide all o the tissues in your body with oxygen and nutrients.