Signs Of Hypertension

Signs Of Hypertension

In our days hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the biggest health care problem. According to the statistics it affects about 72 million people only in USA. It represents a real danger also because its signs are not visible in the early stages and therefore the illness is hard to diagnose. Not without reason it is called “a silent killer”.

Though, what are the signs of hypertension which still should be known? In majority of patients the only sign is High Blood pressure. However, Examination of Eye Retina may reveal various abnormalities which are known as Keith- Wagener Retinal changes. These changes in retinal arteries are divided into 4 grades depending upon tortuosity of retinal arteries, arteriovenous nipping, hemorrhages, and papilloedema. The presence of heamorrages, exudates or papilloedema is diagnostic of Malignant Hypertension which demands urgent treatment.

If you do not know your blood pressure, you should have it taken. Often happens that people having high blood pressure do not feel sick. However, after some time when the symptoms become severe, such as often headaches, convulsions, walking difficulties, giddiness, depression and blurry vision the disease is very hard to treat. In major cases it can turn out into more complications.

Though hypertension is not regarded as a disease in itself, it can cripple you by severely affecting the functioning of your body’s vital organs. Therefore it is essential to control your health condition, to take care of your blood pressure and to know all the changes which happen.

If you find out that you have hypertension, it is necessary to keep it under control, strictly following the instructions of your health care provider and to take a serious course of treatment with proper medications.