Depression and Anxiety – Vital Facts For Overcoming Depression and Anxiety!

Depression and Anxiety – Vital Facts For Overcoming Depression and Anxiety!

Depression and anxiety affect people from all walks of life with depression being the second most common disorder in the world. Both of these conditions are treatable providing the right treatment is received.

Normally, the first treatment offered is anti-depressant medication to help lift your mood. However, studies show that they are ineffective for more than 50% of people who take them and also have common side effects such as anxiety, hypertension, nausea, insomnia and weight gain, to name a few.

They have limited results as they only target one cause of depression and anxiety (i.e. low neurotransmitters), and do not address other important underlying causes. Initially they may help the person feel better but, without identifying and treating the underlying cause, the person may be sentenced to remain on them for the rest of their lives!

Natural products have proven to be equally as effective, if not more so, than antidepressants in helping lift peoples’ mood naturally.

If we hold the belief that depression and anxiety are caused either by “deficiencies in brain chemicals” or by “childhood upbringing and traumatic events”, then any treatment that only targets these two factors,will have limited success.

Depression and anxiety are caused by many factors; the only problem is that many mental health professionals do not take these into account. Biological models are used by doctors and psychological methods by psychologists.

Treating everybody with these two methods means limited success as people are individuals and have unique circumstances in their lives.

A more wholistic approach is necessary and other factors need to taken into account such as: social, dietary and lifestyle.

Depression and anxiety can arise from things such as lack of coping skills (psychological), excess toxic burden (biological), poor sleep (lifestyle) or Alcohol and drug use (dietary/nutritional).

“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail” said Abraham Maslow.

Some doctors and psychologists fail to take into account any other causes because they have just been trained in one area and that may be all they know.

In order to make a full recovery from depression and anxiety, all of the above areas need to be looked at and treated, otherwise only half the job is being carried out, putting people at risk of being on harmful medication for the rest of their lives, and leaving them in a state of powerlessness to effect any change.