Natural Cures For the Horrible Disease of Hypertension – Uses of Potassium

Natural Cures For the Horrible Disease of Hypertension – Uses of Potassium

Hypertension will kill you! If you doubt me, do nothing and see what happens. Unfortunately you will not be around to pay me off. Heart Attack and Strokes are the #1 and #3 killers of adults in America today. That doesn’t even get into diabetes, liver issues and numerous other issues that can be caused and complicated by high blood pressure. Think it isn’t important? Think again. There are natural cures for the horrible disease of hypertension that are available thankfully, read on to find out more…

Prescription medications a cure but with a heavy cost

Synthetic prescription medications for Hypertension (HTN) and High Blood Pressure (HBP) are available when and if you need them. Unfortunately they are full of horrible and nasty side effects. It is; of course, better than death but from having been on them in the past I can say it is not much better than death. The sad thing is as nasty as they are with all the side effects that just do in a synthetic manner what natural cures can do organically. Not that it should be an issue, since your life is at stake, but they cost a lot more too.

Natural remedies, the uses of potassium

One of the many natural remedies is Potassium. Where can you get potassium? Many fruits are a good source. Particularly Bananas. A potassium rich diet has shown numerous benefits. Simply put, Potassium is one of the best nutrients you can take to help you with your blood pressure. A potassium rich diet has been shown to decrease blood pressure by as much as 20 points for people in at risk and hypertensive levels.

Other natural remedies and cures for hypertension