Is High Diastolic Blood Pressure Cause For Concern?

Is High Diastolic Blood Pressure Cause For Concern?

Untreated hypertension is a pretty well publicized topic. Given the serious health problems that can occur (heart attack, stroke etc.), it is not surprising that it has gained such notoriety.

Having also dealt with hypertension at one point in my life, I have researched and written a great deal on the topic myself.

The “bad” or high readings are known to most people who have researched or inquired about their levels. 120/80 to 139/89 is commonly known as pre-hypertension. 140/90 is considered high.

What some people are not aware of however is that a high systolic blood pressure reading even if the diastolic blood reading is low, negative health consequences can still occur.

A high diastolic reading, which measures blood pressure when the heart is at rest, can also create health issues.

After a recent article addressing isolated systolic measure, I received several questions from people asking about the diastolic reading.

Here again, if the diastolic reading is over 90, it is still usually considered higher. A reading between 80 and 89 is normally considered borderline high diastolic reading.

As people age, the diastolic reading will decrease in many cases. A potentially unrealistic idea of healthy blood pressure can then present itself. So, make sure both numbers are taken into consideration to insure a complete understanding of blood pressure is presented.

More than likely, your doctor will want to prescribe medication if high blood pressure is diagnosed. This is not the time to be shy about sharing any concerns you have regarding side effects (including but certainly not limited to extreme muscle pain, internal organ damage, painful headaches, erectile dysfunction, skin rash etc.)

Just ingesting a little pill or (pills) can seem very alluring to many people, but it is paramount that you not end up with a solution that is actually worse than the disease.

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