A List Of Foods That Clog Arteries

A List Of Foods That Clog Arteries

If you are at risk for stroke and heart attacks, then you should certainly stay away from the different foods that clog arteries. When the major arteries of your body become clogged, you have a higher chance of developing stroke which could lead you to more fatal effects. In the United States alone, strokes and heart diseases are in the list of top killers of Americans. If you would lead a much healthier life, you would not worry so much about it. But with how people are starting to live today, it would be a bit harder to start living healthy.

Aside from the sedentary lifestyle people are leading today, their choices of food items are what keep them unhealthy as well. With the introduction and the boom of the fast food restaurants, people have become so used to just ordering in and grabbing the food as they go that they fail to realize how the food was cooked. The name itself should give you a clear warning or perhaps an idea of how it was prepared.

Fast food joints usually sell burgers and fries which are loaded with cholesterol. Not to mention the fact that these are cooked in gallons and gallons of oil. What else usually goes best with a plate of burger and fries? A glass of ice, cold carbonated beverage of course! Just this pair could clog up your arteries if you are not careful enough.

There are other foods that clog arteries which you should really avoid if you want to make sure that your arteries and your heart stay healthy for more years. One of these foods is of course those food items which are deep fried in animal fat. Examples of course are fries, burgers, and fried chicken. Yes, fried chicken is bad for your health especially if it’s coated in more cholesterol and saturated fats. That is what you should keep away from, foods that are saturated in fats. Great examples of foods that contain fat and cholesterol are eggs. Although eggs are very healthy, the egg yolks are what are rich in cholesterol. Experts even agree that you should only eat a maximum of four eggs in a week.

Dairy products are also sources of fat. Milk is usually full fat, but there are others which are skimmed or are low in fat content, that is what you should get. You should also try and avoid butter. In fact, you should steer clear of foods that are rich in animal fat. These food items are what are going to do so much damage to your body as it could lead to serious conditions.