Finding The Favor Of God In Difficult Times

Finding The Favor Of God In Difficult Times

Today your life may seem upside down and you don’t know what you are going to do or where to go from here. Today’s society is in a slump and the economy is nothing short of a repeat of the Great Depression. There are millions of reasons to feel depressed and give up on life but you are closer than you think to turning your life around.

It’s so easy to be stressed out and fall into a negative mindset. Nothing seems to go your way and you never seem to get lucky breaks in life. You have grown up with negative people in a dysfunctional family so you may say to yourself “how could I be any different?” Bills may be piling up and the job search is not going well so you pull the covers over your head and try and forget it all. You turn on the television and it’s all bad news about the same old things with the economy, unemployment blah, blah, blah.

You don’t have to follow the other nay sayers over a cliff and lose all hope of turning things around. God knows the beginning from the end and is aware of your situation. He is opening doors even now for you to make divine connections with key people and sending a Breath Of Heaven your way. God created you and you matter to Him. He gave His all and the last thing He wants to see is for you to slip and fall.

Believe in your heart and have the faith of a tiny seed of mustard and you will move the hand of God to intervene in your life. The thing that you fear the most that is happening in your life is a mere wrench in the works of life and God will easily remove it and restart things for you. The problems you are facing are going to turn into huge blessings that will explode on your life. New things are coming your way and all things are possible with God.

God always uses the average people in the world to do great things with. He sees your situation and you are exactly the type of person He wants to use for His glory. He wants only to have an intimate relationship with you and help you become the best that you can be. Don’t despair for your miracle is coming your way and a sweet breeze is coming your way straight from the throne of grace.