Erectile Dysfunction and Depression


Erectile Dysfunction and Depression

Millions of men all over the world suffer from erectile dysfunction, a sexual disorder in which the patient fails to achieve penile erection while having sex. This medical condition is amongst the most common causes of male impotence. It can be caused due to numerous organic and psychological factors, like stress, tension, anxiety, cancer, heart failure, renal failure, smoking, drug abuse, and diabetes. It has also been established that ED and depression are strongly correlated with each other. Chronic depression is a serious mental health disorder that can have an adverse effect on sexual activity and performance of the patient.

In fact, the two medical conditions — depression and erectile dysfunction — are interdependent on each other. That is, one can always result in the other. Failure of the patient to attain and sustain penile erection causes embarrassment and stress, eventually resulting in chronic depression. On the other hand, depression has a depressing effect on the nerves, which hampers proper never transmission to the penile region. Also, the chemicals released by the brain when the patient is depressed disrupt the flow of blood into the erectile tissue of the penis. These two conditions show an abnormal MMAS ratio of 1:82, which is a clear indication of their interdependence on each other. SSRI-antidepressant drugs that are usually prescribes to treat chronic depression further worsen the condition. These habit-forming drugs are known to cause sexual dysfunction on their prolonged use.

Oral medications like Cialis, anti-depressants like Wellbutrin, herbal medicines, simple and healthy lifestyle, nutritious diets, regular exercises, and sexual therapies are some of the ways in which the depression induced erectile dysfunction can be managed.


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