Is Salt Intake the Cure For High Blood Pressure?

Is Salt Intake the Cure For High Blood Pressure?

If you have been on anti-hypertensive drugs for a while now, you are suffering from the side effects as well. And since you have been experiencing these side effects for some time now, you start to wonder if a cure for hypertension really exists. Read this article to find out if there is indeed a cure for your condition or if you will need to be on anti-hypertensive agents for good.

For so many years, a lot of scientific studies have proven the efficacy of anti-hypertensive medications in treating hypertension which is why this is considered as the best treatment method. On the contrary, what anti-hypertensive drugs do is control high blood pressure but these cannot get rid of your condition for good. Therefore, if you stop taking the anti-hypertensive drugs, your blood pressure will definitely go up.

Another problem with anti-hypertensive drugs is that these can cause different side effects. Remember that side effects come with any type of anti-hypertensive medication. Just remember that the type and severity of the side effect may differ from one person to another. For example, one person taking diuretics may experience extreme tiredness while the other person will experience diarrhea. Also, tolerance to the side effects of anti-hypertensive drugs can definitely affect continuity of treatment. Some people decide to ask their doctors for a change in their prescription because they cannot endure the side effects.

So, if anti-hypertensive drugs only control high blood pressure, what can really get rid of it? The good news is that many methodologies have actually been proven to provide the cure for high blood pressure.

But before you decide to ditch the anti-hypertensive medications over these methods, consult your doctor first. Remember that hypertension must be taken seriously because if you just leave your blood pressure elevated for a long time, this can lead to possible life-threatening complications and you must prevent that.

Proper diet is one of the identified cures for hypertension. A lot of contributory factors have been identified with regards to hypertension. And the development of hypertension has been linked to eating the wrong amount and type of food. Therefore, if you want to control your blood pressure, you must know what types of food to eat and how much of these is enough.

The specific kinds of food that are good in controlling hypertension are whole grain products, non-fat or low-fat dairy products, fruits, fish, vegetables, poultry, nuts, legumes, and others. Instead of bombarding your diet with lots of processed and red meats, you must always choose these kinds of foods. Furthermore, you must remember to limit your salt intake since high salt intake has also been linked to hypertension. People who have hypertension should only consume 1,500 milligrams of salt each day.

Indeed, man’s health can be affected by what he eats. If you want to be healthy and to find a cure for high blood pressure, look at your diet.