Cooking Foods to Decrease Hypertension, Wok Your Way to Health

Cooking Foods to Decrease Hypertension, Wok Your Way to Health

First off, the title was a dumb pun; I just could not help myself. Anyhow, learning to cook your way to heart health is an important topic. You may think that heart healthy is a textbook synonym for bland and horrible tasting. Sure it can be, but that is not necessarily the fact. If you invest any effort in finding tasting dish alternatives I can actually tell you that bland and horrible are really the exception. To find out more, read on…

Why the need to eat heart healthy

Heart attack and strokes are the #1 and #3 killers of adults today. That doesn’t even include many other minor killers that result from high blood pressure. This means that odds are your high blood pressure will end up killing you. Do not think that this is just a disease of the old and out of shape either. I first was diagnosed with hypertension when I was barely out of my teens and though I have gained a few pounds since then I was in quite good shape then. So even though I want to get off my pulpit now I will say that this healthy heart living is for everyone.

Cooking Foods to Decrease Hypertension

This could literally be a book (there are some). I won’t waste your time (and mine) by writing out 50 good recipes I will just give you an overview. You want lean meats, polyunsaturated fats and fruits and vegetables to be your main diet staples. Try grilling or stir-fry to cook. (Remember: Wok your way to health). There are even a lot of foods that may be fattening, that are also heart healthy. Avocados are a great example of this. High in fat, but mostly good fat. I wouldn’t recommend an “avocado only diet” but you should have a few every day if you like the taste.

Great ways to cook your way to health naturally