Natural Blood Pressure

Natural Blood Pressure

There are many things that we can do, or actions we can take to help us to naturally treat hypertension to avoid the chance of having to take medication and the side effects caused by it, for the rest of our lives. Nobody really wants to be on medication, so if it could be avoided then surely that has got to be the way to go.

Lifestyle changes are always the first place to start when we have found out we are hypertensive, just by adjusting our diet can help to have a big enough impact to bring our blood pressure down to a normal level. Now obviously this doesn’t always happen and there may be other steps to take like doing some regular exercise or cutting down or even stopping smoking if that is a habit that we have, or looking at the amount of alcohol that we consume.

I have come across a breathing technique in the past which involves spending 15 minutes a day slowing our breathing down to just 6 breaths a minute. This can actually help in controlling our blood pressure. But what I wanted to talk about here was another technique that I have recently stumbled upon and that is Acupressure.

Now you must of heard of Acupuncture and I believe that it is possible that could also help in the treatment of hypertension. But Acupressure is all about applying pressure with the fingers to different acupoints around our bodies. We have many acupoints positioned around the body and they are all related to different parts of our being and there would be certain acupoints that would be used to help with the lowering of blood pressure as there would be others used may be for back pain or headaches.

This is an Ancient Chinese treatment and is used to treat many different ailments and diseases, hypertension being among them. It is worth having a look into this treatment, especially if you are having trouble trying to lower blood pressure naturally and are having trouble getting it to a safe level.