Five Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Five Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Did you know that about 65 million Americans have been diagnosed with high blood pressure? The good news is that some new research shows that many of these people have been able to get their hypertension under control without taking medication. Here’s how they are doing it.

Potassium relaxes your blood vessel.A� Studies show that increasing your intake of potassium-rich foods could cut your blood pressure by as much as 13 points.A� Some potassium-rich foods that you should consider are dried peaches, beet greens, spinach, white beans, dates, raisins, potatoes, refried beans and tomato sauce.A� All of these food choices contain more than 800 mg. of potassium per cup.A�

Consume sesame oil.A� If you can consume at least 1 oz. of sesame oil daily, your blood pressure could drop by as much as 32 points in two months.A� It sounds incredible, but apparently sesame oil relaxes blood vessel walls, therefore preventingA�pressure spikes.A�

Lower volume on electronic devices.A� A recent study at the Lund University Hospital in Sweden revealed that repeated daily exposure to noises above 60 decibels raises your risk of having hypertension by more than 25%.A� By listening to soothing, relaxing music, you can automatically slow your breathing and heart rate, which will, in effect, lower your blood pressure.A� So, turn down the volume on the television, PlayStation, alarm clock and radio.A� It will be to your benefit.A�

Eat more barley.A� Barley is a simple, inexpensive side dish which contains 13 g. of soluble fiber per cup.A� New research has shown that by consuming one heaping cup of barley daily you can normalize your blood pressure in just two months.A� In addition to fiber, barley is also loaded with artery-relaxing minerals which also helps lower your blood pressure.A�

Sit up straight.A� You know how your mother used to tell you to sit up straight?A� Well, apparently that was good advice.A� Surprising research has shown that sitting with your neck jutting forward and your shoulders slumped can lead to a 16% spike in your blood pressure.A� Apparently the nerves that keep your blood pressure in check come directly from your spine and slouching will hinder their function.