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How New Technology Can Vastly Improve the Efficiency of IV Based Medications

Medication and health care go hand in hand. It’s hard to imagine one without the other. Bring up the subject of medication and most people summon up a whole host of images and ideas. But one of the most common involves all the numbers and indications on the back of medications. There’s usually a whole host of information that one needs to look at in order to properly use medications. And that’s just from the more common over the counter medications. Move into prescription drugs and things become even more complicated. It’s little wonder that the medical practice involves a larger interplay between doctors, nurses, pharmacists and various distribution outlets.

But people tend to give a lot less consideration to how medications are dispensed within larger medial systems. There’s usually an underlying assumption that people will receive the exact dose of the exact medication needed. But that’s not always the case. Intent and best-case scenarios will result in the best possible treatment. But human error can creep in with even the best intentions.

The normal hospital distribution phase begins with a doctor’s diagnosis. This will also result in a prescription and treatment protocol. Oral, topical and IV medications alike will come from the hospital pharmacy. The exact rate of distribution differs on a hospital by hospital basis. But in general, one can expect the order to be within the hospital pharmacy for processing within a few hours. A STAT order will of course receive a higher prioritization.

And this is the stage where things depend on the underlying technology within an institution. If the doctor wrote a script for IV treatments than the resulting medication will of course come within an IV bag. But this is just a clear bag with general medication information on top of it.

How the IV medication is administered will depend on whether or not a Smart IV Pump system is in place. This means that one person will determine how fast and how much of the liquid goes into a patient’s system. Or it will in large part come down to electric regulation.

The main reason why this is so important comes down to human error. There’s good reason why there’s so many steps involved with medications. The doctor might make an error when it comes to interactions with other medications the patient is taking. The pharmacist should notice it but might not. The pharmacy technicians would then have a chance of doing so. And finally, the nurse would have a chance of noticing anything which snuck by the others.

This situation becomes even more worrisome when one considers unreported errors. And all of this points to the overall importance of machine regulated assistance. An IV system with self-regulatory ability can bypass some of the more common sources of human error. And this, in turn, can help ensure that people are able to stay as healthy and safe as possible.

It can prove slightly more expensive for hospitals in the short term. But …

Using Certain Medical Devices to Get around

When you have a disability or happen to be a senior citizen, you may find that you need help staying mobile. If you have certain types of insurance, you can get that and have either delivered to your home already or picked up from the doctor’s office. People take for granted sometimes that the day will come when they will probably need this extra help. However, it is available when it’s needed. You can go to a doctor to get the notice needed in order to have these items or you can pay out of pocket. Regardless of how it is done, having the medical devices necessary up to help you get around will still aide in your being independent.

The Different Types of Devices

The most popular items that help in getting you up and moving are the canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and scooters. However, you may have trouble standing up just to get out your seat. How are you going to handle that issue? Well, there are many kinds of  lift chairs st. paul mn  that will lift up so that you are almost in the standing position in order to help you get to your feet. That may be the only thing you need in order to get moving. You also have the shower benches if you find that sitting down in the tub is becoming too much for you to handle. You can have an extra rail and floor mat place on your bathtub so that you don’t slip and fall. Did you know that you can have bed rail attached to your bed so that you can pull up on it to sit up and help you get up? All of these items are designed to get you going on with your day. There’s nothing to be ashamed of in needing a little help.

Your Insurance

If you have Medicaid and/or Medicare, you should look to see what is covered in terms of getting these devices. You certainly need one in your old age. If you have a disability, check your insurance to see if some of these items are covered. You can’t afford to do your research to see if you can get help in paying for items you desperately need. Most insurances are not going to go over everything they cover, and as a result, you just don’t know. Some of them will probably cover at least 50% of what you need while you have to try and come up with the rest. You probably can find these items at a nonprofit place that helps disabled people and senior citizen by giving them gently used items for free. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

If you find yourself needing help to just stand up or move around, talk to your doctor to find out what your best course of action should be. They should be able to refer you to some agencies. You want to maintain your independence.…