Tilted Krown crop tops

Tilted Krown urban clothing
neon pink crop top

Did you know that the urban clothing and streetwear brand released a sneak peak of what’s to come for their line of women’s streetwear. The clothing brand has always wanted to branch into creating women’s and men’s clothing, something that most urban brands steer clear from due to the increased cost to produce, and lower retail costs for women’s clothing. “it’s tough to compete in a market when women can get a nice shirt for $7 or $8 dollars at a retail store.”

Tilted Krown has worked hard to promote their brand and stay unique using a series of techniques to produce their shirts, most patterns are hand drawn! The artists typically scrap their shirt patterns, often times resulting in a stockpile of artistic designs they intend to hold onto for further use. The brand is most active on Instagram’s social network. Be sure to follow and see them online!

We are also very proud to announce that we got our first order of Tilted Krown clothing in! Checkout our shop to see all of the Tilted Krown gear we have for both men and women!

These women’s crop top’s are screen printed on premium black cotton crop tops. The Tops are one size fits all, with the Tilted Krown logo stamped across the front. These crop tops come in neon pink, or lemon yellow!

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