Robin Williams passes away

Robin Williams was a famous Actor and was known for his upstanding comedy. He  also did film production and was a great screen writer. His alien is Mork in the TV series “Mork and Mindy”. Most of all he was a Los Angeles times Oscar winning actor and comic. He was a very funny actor in all. He was always involved  in different kind of fund raisers.

He was found in his Resident dead in his on Monday  August 11, 2014. and was pronounce  dead at 12:02 PM. He hung himself with his belt. in his home in Tiburon, CA.  It has been said he has been battling with depression called  “Asphyia” . It was also said that he had cuts his wrist as if he has been trying to cut himself.

Jimmy Walker speaks on his behalf. “I knew he had some issues at the end of his life, you don’t expect that…”. I don’t think anyone did.  There’s so many people going through depression in this day and time He was wonderful comedian and very funny. It’s very sad and unfortunate for his family.  I send my blessing to his family. May god be with them all.


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