Mystech Reiki 7.83hz Charm and Bead Keychain

Mystech Reiki 7.83hz Charm and Bead Keychain


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These little beauties are a fun addition to anyone’s key-chain! Make a statement and show you support enlightenment, healing and our movement! Our Key-chains being all Mineral and Metal have been Reiki infused to the Schumann Resonance 7.83hz, which in theory helps with the entire alignment of our body and energy systems. Just keeping these pieces on you, will help you to feel more energized, more freed of pain, better sleep and deeper meditative states. We offer them in a few different variables so simply pick which style or Energy type you would like to amp up!! Each Stone has it’s own properties and each Charm signifies how you would like to perceive these Energies affect you.

Each piece has been Reiki Charged to be tuned to 7.83hz, the Schumann Resonance. Jewelry that is worn within about 1 inch of your body is the best option to get the Healing and Energy effects. See our article here to learn more about the potential benefits of “Charged” items.

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Quartz – Power, Jade – Good Luck & Good Dreams, Rose Quartz – Unconditional Love, Goldstone – Successful Ambition, Hematite – Stability & Grounding, Sunstone – Confidence & Drive, Blue Jade – Serenity & Patience, Tiger’s Eye – Protection & Balance, Howlite – Reasoning & Awareness, Pyrite – Shielding & Divination, Amethyst – Spirituality & Change,


Tree of Life to Grow, Buddha for Truth, Om to Create, Celtic Knot to Unify, Lotus for Change, Angel Feather for Ascension, Hamsa to Protect, Ankh for Eternity,