Orgonite Reiki Chakra Wand
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Orgonite Reiki Chakra Wand


This Wand has made for incredible enhancement of Energy Work and Meditation and is used by healing practitioners when healing or working. Sell this item to shop owners, holistic shop owners, reiki masters, orgone and healing collectors, sacred geometry collectors and much more. Our wholesale prices are low enough that your store can sell this item for as much as 400% profit margins! Wholesale items like this are what make Wave 2 Wellness the best internet business opportunity! This powerful wand offers chakra healing AND orgone emf blocker resistance which can improve energy, balance, focus, chronic pain and many more symptoms. This product is one of the best items to sell in the healing business and can be sold many places including Etsy, Ebay, Amazon etc.

Product Description

This Healing Wand is typically used by Lightworkers or Energy Healers as a tool to enhance their healing practice. This tool helps through the “working” or “healing” process. This Orgone Reiki Wand is set with 7 different Chakra Beads at it’s core, a thick orgone matrix at it’s foundation and a Lemurian Quartz Crystal for it’s tip. These are hand made to order by Mystech, one of our distributors owned and operated by reiki master ‘Halo.’

Earn Extra Income as a Reiki Practitioner or Website Owner that sells holistic, organic or natural wellness/healing items. These products are available for wholesale orders in addition to our business opportunity that offers wholesale and dropship services for our orgone and reiki wellness product line. Re-Sellers can sell online, offline, at booths and kiosks, and much more!


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