Mystech Orgonite Mini Tower of Power
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Mystech Orgonite Mini Tower of Power


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Product Description

Mystech Orgonite made by our “Alchetechs”. The Mini Tower of Power is a combination of 37 different minerals, 5 metals, a Lemurian Quartz center piece and 6 hours of Binaural Beats for programming. These pieces also undergo a 15 minute combined Reiki Charge for Enhanced Energy. It is approximately 2.5 Inches tall and 1.75 inches at its base. Our Towers of Power and Mini Towers of Power are all programmed for Heightened Meditation, Energy Work, Cleansing, Energy, Lucid Dreaming and the Ascension of All.

Each product is handmade to order. The actual item you receive will have all the work put into as in the description above. The pattern, color and overall design will be matched to as close to the picture and type as possible, however we do not guarantee this exact product pictured here.

Orgonite Basics by Mystech:

Orgonite was rediscovered by Dr. Wilhem Reich in the 1930’s. He claimed it was a type of very ancient “cosmic energy”. The term “Orgone” is the same as prana, vril, chi, frequencies, mana, magic, light, love and true source energy. It effected everything from Life in known Universe to the Color of the Sky and even Gravity. It is in a sense, part of the Energy Life Force that connects everyone and everything. There has since be a movement of other Orgone students and creators. Orgonite is a device created to emit an Orgone Field to absorb and transfer Bad and Negative Energies in to Good and Positive Energies. The use of Orgonite varies incredibly simply based on the intent behind it. Jewelry is worn as a shield from negative Orgone and at the same time boosts it’s wearers inner Chi to a level of higher vibration, love and inner energy. Many Orgone Practitioners also follow an Orgonite Movement called “Gifting” where specific types of Orgonite are placed around Power Lines, Cell Phone Towers, Homes, Businesses and even Gardens. The powerful recorded effects of Orgonite are things like:

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Increased Blood Circulation

Calmer Home and Work Area

Turns Negative Energy into Positive Energy

Helps Plants to Grow Better

Mental Clarity


Improved Sleep

Helps Control Mood Swings

Detoxifies Water

Deepens Meditation




Slows Aging

Re-Aligns Chakras

Protects Against EMF, EMR and EMP

Empowers Prayer

Stabilizes Concentration


orgoneaccumulationwebFor more information read Mystechs Article on Orgonite by clicking here.


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