Mystech 7.83hz Reiki Charged Stone Earring Studs

Mystech 7.83hz Reiki Charged Stone Earring Studs


7.83hz Reiki Charged Earrings. Naturalize your style and improve your energy.

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Product Description

Get the Healing and Energetic effects to improve aspects of your life from our Reiki Charged Stone Earrings. Each stone has it’s own listed characteristics. Naturalize your style and make a statement about yourself! Each piece has been Reiki Charged to be tuned to 7.83hz, the Schumann Resonance. Jewelry that is worn within about 1 inch of your body is the best option to get the Healing and Energy effects. See our article here to learn more about the potential benefits of “Charged” items.

Items may vary slightly from the pictures. You will be ordering the Stone type and style of earrings.

Additional Information

Stone Type

Amethyst – Spirituality & Change, Blue Dyed Howlite – Selflessness and Dream Recall, Tiger’s Eye – Protection & Balance, Jade – Good Luck & Good Dreams, Rose Quartz – Unconditional Love, Hematite – Stability & Grounding,


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