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7.83hz power bands and bracelets
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Wave 2 Wellness frequency bands and jewelry
Wave 2 Wellness organic wellness bands and jewelry

Have you heard about the Schumann Resonance? A theory that was discovered early on by Nikola Tesla, it basically states that the earth and it’s biological system function off of the same frequencies, 7.83hz. It’s said that when your body is also in synch with the earth’s natural frequencies that your body will likely tune itself to a natural healthy state!

Wave 2 Wellness frequency bands and jewelry
Wave 2 Wellness, frequency sports bands, tennis bracelets, and more!

The science basically shows how objects like cellular telephones and microwaves project frequencies that are harmful for our bodies. That prolonged exposure to these harmful frequencies could have a negative impact on our health. Using Schumann’s resonance we’ve learned that you can “charge” any ore, metal etc. When charged the metal or ore is charged to the same 7.83hz that our earth functions off of. Therefore the person wearing or possessing these charged metals/ores are able to bring their body back to the same frequencies that we are known to thrive off of!

Wave 2 Wellness is an independent brand based out of Arizona. Each of their attractive pieces have been specifically charged to the 7.83hz and will carry that charge unlike some of the other companies that “claim” some pretty ridiculous stuff! Wave 2 Wellness offers their brands pre charged, or you can contact them to have any of your jewelry charged!

They carry several bracelets for men and women including the popular sports band, and survival band! Tennis bracelets and more!

7.83hz para chord survival bands
these survival bands’ clasp has been charged to the earths natural frequency 7.83hz


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